Reasons Why Global Sevilla Decide To Integrate Cambridge Curriculum In Their Program

Reasons Why Global Sevilla Decide To Integrate Cambridge Curriculum In Their Program

Have you ever wonder, why international schools always trying to use the Cambridge curriculum? There are numerous reasons that the school uses this curriculum because of how effective the learning is. Then how about Global Sevilla that become a part of Cambridge school Jakarta? Here are the reasons that support the school.


Reason For Integrating Cambridge Curriculum

  1. The Curriculum Is Flexible

One reason why international schools prefer Cambridge is due to its flexibility. Along with it, the curriculum has been used by a thousand or more schools across the globe. Making it one of the many curricula that have a vast reach. This particular reason makes Cambridge easy to integrate and stimulating in the class. The school can choose whatever fits with the student.

All part of Cambridge is shareable and teacher can search for numerous learning activities to adopt in the class. Its possibilities make Cambridge has a wide range of subject and materials. Teachers can evaluate and adopt any combination for the class. It also provides help for the Cambridge school Jakarta teacher through online resources, training, publication to professional development.


  1. The Higher Chance Of Getting Accepted In Universities Worldwide

When one needs to go international and study in another country, then they need the same standard. You may find some tests or examinations, but the international school uses Cambridge as the standard. Since the curriculum is available for the whole world, then matching the standard would not be that hard.

It is proven by thousands of learners from international school in Jakarta that are accepted in universities worldwide. The Cambridge requirement and all of its parts, become one of the qualifications for the students to open a bigger chance in the global educational institution. It is because they got the skills, abilities, and knowledge that help them perform well in the world.


  1. The Curriculum That Emphasizes Personal Growth, Development, And Academic Success

Global Sevilla emphasizes the integration of mindfulness in their Cambridge school Jakarta programs. The two aspects work well together because of the similarity in their benefit. Both try to emphasize personal growth and development alongside academic success. Thus, the school can provide a balanced study between the students’ character and academic.

It is no wonder that international schools such as Global Sevilla will use Cambridge Curriculum as the standard. It is because the curriculum brings out a very high chance for the student to get accepted in worldwide universities. It is also very flexible with tons of materials and subjects that help students grow as a whole person, mentally, physically, and smart.

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